Economic Intelligence

Economic intelligence means gathering information from the field of economic operation of companies related to their economic situation, as well as verification of business partners’ reliability and solvency.

INTER INVEST TM detective agency prepares, on request, economic reports which are supposed to minimize risks in relation to cooperation with an unreliable entrepreneur. The reports, depending on expectations, can include economic, competition, industry or technological examination.

  • Registration report includes:

o   company’s registration details,

o   contact details,

o   legal form,

o   initial capital, real estates

o   structure of ownership,

o   authorizations,

o   management,

o   subject of operation;

o   capital and personal relationships,

o   financial statements sent to KRS (NCR), photocopies and copies


  • Complete report includes: registration report and additionally:

o   information on financial condition of a researched company (in case when the data can be available),

o   related directions of import and export, launched investments, etc.

o   photo and descriptive documentation of the company’s head office,

o   information from interviews with employees and contractors related to their opinions and payment reliability,


INTER INVEST TM Agency conducts also exploratory and checking activities in economic cases in the scope allowed by boundaries of law. As part of our activities, depending on the field of actions which are taken, we elaborate a plan in order to:

  • determine motives, mechanisms and detect perpetrators of committed frauds or other crimes detrimental to a company,
  • gathering evidence which can be a basis of a notification on suspicion of committing a crime or bringing a civil action.