INTERNATIONAL  INVESTIGATIONS TM Agency was founded in Poland in 1989 and since this moment it has operated also abroad.

Our long lasting and extensive professional experience allows us to verify any doubts comparing them to the actual state of the case we work on and it guarantees the right evaluation of the situation, as well as the proper selection of methods and means to solve any issues we have to deal with.

In 1994, the agency’s owner, Miroslaw Tomczyk, was accepted, as the first person from the countries of East-Central Europe, to become a member of the prestigious World Association of Detectives headquartered in the USA.

In 2013, he was also accepted to an exclusive Russian organization called The Association of the Russian Detectives, headquartered in Novosibirsk. He is the only person from Poland in this Russian organization and he is also the only foreigner who was accepted to become its member.

INTER INVEST TM Agency meets any and all necessary conditions to run detective operations in Poland and in the world.  Our activities are consistent with valid regulations of Polish and international law.We comply with rules related to freedom and human rights, we are especially careful while carrying any professional operations and we pay attention to ethics, loyalty and complete secrecy.

We cooperate with the team of the best specialists in Poland and abroad, such as court experts, lawyers, former officers of various services and reputable detective agencies and economist intelligence units, among others.

We are associated:

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