Detective services include activities related to gathering information on people, things and events, conducted on the basis of a civil law contract concluded with a Client, in forms and scope which are not reserved for national services and institutions by virtue of separate regulations.


  • Detecting or excluding marital infidelity.
  • Unobtrusive verification of children’s contacts (threats: crime, drugs, prostitution, sects, negative influence of personal environment).
  • Gathering and verification of information related to administrative, civil, criminal, divorce and economic issues.
  • Gathering and verification of information related to claims in cases when there is a suspicion of  extortion of compensation.
  • Conducting our own exploratory and checking activities, preliminary investigations and any content-related support in contacts with law enforcement authorities.
  • Searching for witnesses of events, fugitives and missing people.
  • Investigating people, verification of CVs, environmental interviews.
  • Evaluation of documents and letters
  • Detection of tapping and listening devices
  • Computer forensics
  • DNA tests
  • Polygraph tests

The detective agency is entitled to process personal data gathered in the course of ordered activities, without consent of people who the data relate to.